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The Full Story


On August 31st 2021, I lost my mother to cancer. As a result of her passing, I have learned so much about the woman she was and the woman I want to become. She was my mom but she was much, much more than that. She was a healer, a writer, a gardener, and, most of all, she was a fighter. Her presence on this Earth helped so many people and I want the world to know her name.

Beverly Loleatta Ingram Melvin, this one is for you.

Love, Your Flower <3

Holding Hands


The reality is, there are not many (or any) social media sites dedicated toward understanding the mental health struggles of African American men and women and POC. We decided to change that by creating this organization.

Our goal is to fill the void that other social networks have left behind by building a platform centered around mental health. We want to encourage users to ask questions or discuss topics they would normally not talk about on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat.


It is imperative for our community, especially our youth, to have a place to go where they feel that they can be their true selves and seek help without judgment.

Sahara Desert


I know what you're thinking... 

"Why the name 'Oasis'?" 


Imagine being lost in a blazing hot, unending desert. You're tired and dehydrated and you on the verge of surrendering to the elements when you come across a secluded oasis with plenty of water and food, and shelter from the heat. That's what we aspire to be; your own private escape to refresh yourself so you can continue your journey through life. 

Everyone's journey is different and we want to be apart of yours.

Sand Dunes
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