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Beauty is in the "eye" of the beholder...

That can mean different things to different people. Eyes fascinate me. Eyes allow us to look deep into one's soul. There are millions of people who hate their eyes for different reasons. Too dark. Too light. Protruding. Downturned. Upturned. Hooded. They yearn for what society deems attractive. Piercing blue eyes are often seen as "beautiful" and "inviting", while dark brown eyes are "menacing" and "ugly". But that is not the case. Have you ever seen brown eyes in the sun? They are like deep pools of honey. So warm. So peaceful. Features, like your eyes, are what individualize you. No two people have the same eye color.

Eyes are portals; they hold so much power. They should not be taken for granted. Just one glance at someone could change your life, good or bad. I think it is incredible how you can look into someone's eyes and feel comfort. Or you could feel insecure or afraid of what's looking back at you. Our eyes do so much, yet, we can survive without them. Our eyes are very important but at the same time, they can cause so much hate. We use our eyes to pick out flaws. We use our eyes to judge. We have used our eyes to come up with the concepts of perfection and beauty and ugliness and flawed.

If no one had sight, there would be no sense of perfection. How could you compare flaws when flaws don't exist? That is why I some times envy the blind. They don't see color. They don't see beauty the way that we do. They "see" your soul without the use vision. They "see" you for you.

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