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I am longing and hopeful.

I wonder where life will take me, and if I'll ever be content.

I hear, "You can do it, don't quit."

I see the ones I love roll their eyes at my success.

I want to prove something to myself, not those who are watching.

I am longing and hopeful.

I pretend I am not affected by their negativity. I create my own world where I am free.

I feel cleansed of any judgement there and I am my ultimate self.

I touch my niece's soft face and I admire the beauty in her big brown eyes.

I see the innocence and want it to stay there forever. That same look that I had.

I worry it won't. I think of my days of of innocence when the world was my playground.

I cry when I'm by myself, thinking of all the times that have passed, wishing I could go back.

I am longing and hopeful.

I understand that life requires change, and you have to adapt.

I say that God carries me, and he does.

I dream of making it, getting past every obstacle in front of me and being surrounded by those who have those same dreams.

I try to love my neighbors and show them different from how I am treated.

I hope they can look past my hard exterior and see I am not what I seem.

I hope they can get to know me and my big heart.

I am longing and hopeful.

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